Passionate call to arms for parent help

SHEDDING light on the fundamental problems within Australia’s education system and prompting parents to start asking the important questions, ‘Dear Parents’ is a funny, heartfelt and passionate series of letters written by a teacher to the parents and caregivers of her students.

Written by Gabbie Stroud, author of the national bestseller ‘Teacher’, ‘Dear Parents’ is a passionate call to arms for all parents to understand their role as their children’s lifelong teachers, showing how they can help their kids’ educators and schools achieve the best outcomes for the next generation.
You can meet Gabbie and learn more of her insights at an author talk at Marrickville Library on Sunday, February 2, 11am-12.30pm.
Gabbie said: “So many Australian parents are buying the government line about standardised testing of students through programs like NAPLAN and My School, which make them think they are getting results because of rankings and comparisons.
“But they don’t seem to realise that these new forms of assessment are actually negatively affecting our kids’ ability to gain the crucial life skills and appreciation for learning that have been, and should be, the main aim of teaching.”
This is a must-not-miss event for teachers, parents and carers of primary school students, with activities to keep children busy during the author talk.
The book will be for sale with signing available.
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