Passersby hold alleged abuser outside cafe until officers arrive

A MAN has been charged after furniture was allegedly thrown about and staff abused in a café in Granville last Tuesday.

Cumberland Police were called to the café on South Street about 3.30pm and found a man being restrained on the footpath outside the business.
Police were told the 37-year-old man, from Ashfield, had walked into the café and allegedly without warning threw a table and chairs.
When two female employees, aged 55 and 26, intervened, the man allegedly threatened them, before passersby stepped in and held the man on the ground until police arrived.
A struggle ensued when police attempted to arrest the man, however, he was eventually handcuffed.
He was charged with stalk/intimidate intend fear physical etc harm, behave in offensive manner in/near public place/school, hinder or resist police officer in the execution of duty, and breach of bail.