Party shakeup

HALF of NSW Labor’s 26 new Shadow Cabinet positions have gone to women including new roles for Granville MP Julia Finn and Auburn MP Lynda Voltz.

Local MPs win new roles after NSW Leader elected

Newly elected state Labor leader Jodi McKay and her deputy Yasmin Catley unveiled the new look frontbench team last week, describing it as a “significant refresh” with both new faces and new portfolios.
NEARLY three months after the State election, Granville MP Julia Finn and Auburn MP Lynda Voltz have both won new roles in the Shadow Cabinet following the election of Jodi McKay as the new State Labor Opposition Leader last week.
One of eight new faces on the Opposition front bench, Ms Finn says she is “delighted and honoured” to have been appointed Shadow Minister for Consumer Protection and Carers.
Ms Finn told the Review that she wants to use her new portfolio to highlight and recognise the important work done by carers, and to also stand up for consumers in a rapidly changing marketplace.
“I want to improve consumer protection, particularly given the challenges posed by the extensive and growing use of digital technology,” she said.
The reshuffle saw Ms Voltz lose responsibility for Veterans Affairs, but keep her role as Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation and pick up the Shadow Police and Counter-Terrorism portfolio, and she said she was proud to be part of the new McKay Shadow Ministry.
“I’m excited to continue our work in Sport and Recreation and look forward to working alongside all of the groups in the Police and Counter-Terrorism areas to achieve results for the people of NSW,” she said.
Following her elevation to the top job, Ms McKay, who also gave herself the role of Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism, signalled her intention to embark on a “listening” tour of the state.
“We have a fresh new team with responsibilities that really give us a chance to reconnect with NSW communities whether that is in the regions or suburbs of Western Sydney,” Ms McKay said.