Park to get $200,000 boost to help safety

EWEN Park in Hurlstone Park will get a $200,000 upgrade to improve playing conditions and safety.

State MP for Canterbury Sophie Cotsis says the funds will go towards replacing the park’s 30-year-old lighting – that does not meet national safety standards – before the start of next season.
She said it’s a well deserved project that the community has been pushing for years.
“This has been a team effort where Hurlstone Park Wanderers, the council and the local community have partnered together to campaign for this fantastic outcome,” she said.
“Ewen Park is vital for all members of our community and all sporting codes.”
Ian Holmes, CEO of Canterbury and District Soccer Football Association and Rosalie Viney, president of Hurlstone Park Wanderers, say they are delighted, and thank the Canterbury community for their support.
“The support for this project shows how much people in the electorate care about community sport and how much they value sporting infrastructure,” Rosalie said.