Park ranger retires but still as keen to keep eye on birds

RETIRING after more than 24 years as a ranger with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA), Judy Harrington will remain a familiar face in the precinct.

While she might have left her full-time job, the long-time volunteer with Birdlife Australia is as fascinated as ever by the diverse range of birds found in the bushland and wetlands.
The keen birdwatcher is one of the instrumental coordinators of an ongoing research project which has been broadcasting a live 24/7 video stream of a nesting pair of White-Bellied Sea-Eagles within the Newington nature reserve since 2009.
Working in the area as a volunteer coordinator since 1995, she became a park ranger for the Bicentennial Park Trust before continuing in a similar role with SOPA and said she had seen a huge change in land use and attitudes towards wetlands and natural areas.
The BirdLife Discovery Centre is located in the Newington Armory and provides opportunities for people to learn about and engage with birds in their natural habitat.
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