One-stop-shop for Osteo sufferer help

PATIENTS with musculoskeletal conditions will soon be able to access care at a one-stop-shop service at Canterbury Hospital.

Sydney Local Health District has committed more than $1.6 million to set up and run the Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program (OACCP) and the Osteoporosis Re-Fracture Prevention service (ORP) to help osteoarthritis and osteoporosis patients manage their health and improve their quality of life.
The OACCP will provide care for patients who have osteoarthritis in their hips or knees and are on the hospital’s elective surgery waiting list for a joint replacement.
Physiotherapist Andrew Wood will coordinate the new OACCP at Canterbury and lead a team of allied health professionals including a rheumatologist, physiotherapist, dietician and clinical psychologist.
“We will provide an initial assessment for each patient, organise who sees them and devise a holistic management plan for them. We are actively trying to engage patients to better manage their own health during the time they’re waiting for surgery,” Mr Wood said.
A patient’s plan may include ways to better manage pain and medication, exercise and weight loss goals, healthy eating strategies and ways to address stress and anxiety.
The team hopes to better prepare those patients who still require surgery. In some cases, the patient’s care plans may negate the need for surgery.