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Old Boys invited back to help youth

SWAPPING yarns and email addresses, over 100 ‘Old Boys’ from Punchbowl Boys High School – mainly from the classes of 1961 through to 1972, have converged on Bankstown Sports Club from as far afield as France, Western Australia, North Queensland and South Australia.

The club dinner was followed by a visit to their old school which proved to be quite an emotional experience as they reflected on the impact the school had on their lives and future careers.
Acting Principal Rob Patruno and a number of his staff, led tours of the school speaking passionately of the troubles faced by the school and the initiatives the staff are now undertaking to steer the present students in a positive direction.

“The Old Boys were overcome by the purpose and zeal displayed by the Principal and his team and left with no doubt that the students at Punchbowl BHS are in very caring hands,” a spokesperson said.
“Some of us Old Boys have been invited back to the school on August 29 to engage in a mentoring day with the students and we are looking forward to sharing our life experiences with the present generation.”