Odds on Youth

WITH gambling losses continuing to climb, young people are being targeted to help reduce its harm.

Start young to fight gambling rise

While Inner West clubs and pubs have reduced their gaming floor space by 70 per cent since 2001, compared with the state average of 10 per cent and the total number of machines decreasing, figures also show that losses are increasing, with Inner West losses increasing by 12 per cent in the last 12 months.
Inner West Council partnered with the Office of Responsible Gambling to hold two workshops aimed at local young people.
Director of the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling, Natalie Wright, said that in 2019/20, more than $35 million would be spent on initiatives to prevent and reduce gambling harm.
“Odds on Youth is an initiative that gives youth workers the skills and knowledge they need to reduce gambling harm among young people who access their services,” she said.
The council hosted a Gambling Harm Minimisation Mayoral forum in November last year, where key stakeholders came together to discuss problem gambling and what to do about it.
The forum came up with several strategies to tackle problem gambling, including seeking funding for projects from the Office of Responsible Gambling.
Also as part of the council’s commitment to reducing the harm caused by gambling, the council will work with ClubsNSW to appoint a high-profile ambassador and improve training for staff in venues, to identify and support those experiencing gambling harm to get help.