Nostalgic trip to mark 80th

STARRING married Stanmore couple Felix Gentle and Stacey Duckworth, an historic recreation for the Independent Theatre’s 80th anniversary, ‘French Without Tears’, is on offer and will also celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, September 1, from 2pm.

On September 2, 1939, the legendary Dame Doris Fitton renamed and reopened The Independent Theatre with the popular comedy, ‘French without Tears’ by Terence Rattigan. Even more dramatic, the declaration of WWII was made after opening night!
Now, eight decades later, the New Independent Players bring ‘French Without Tears’ back to the stage, under the direction of Aarne Neeme – who knew Dame Fitton.
A classic comedy of manners, ‘French Without Tears’ centres on a group of young men studying French – the diplomatic language of the time.
But secretly, they are learning about the diplomacy of love and sex – with its own tendency for tears as well as laughter.
“The play was a huge international hit in its day and it is fascinating to see how much has changed in the attitude towards women,” Felix said.
“It’s very much a play of its time; different to today but such a nice nostalgic piece.
“We still find Shakespeare’s plays relevant because at the end of the day, we’re human and our range of emotions hasn’t changed.”
Full details (complimentary afternoon tea) and bookings at theindependent.org.au.