No better time to get on your bike

PETROL prices keep going up and we now have tolls everywhere.

With increasing population in Canterbury Bankstown, the roads are becoming clogged with traffic jams, costing local residents money in wasted fuel and time just to go across a few suburbs.
There is a solution. Try riding a bike.
There are more bikes in Australia than cars but most bikes sit in the shed unused.
Riding a bike, however, will save you time, money and increase your fitness.
Bikes can even be ridden toll free in the breakdown lane of most expressways and unlike most roads, you have your own lane with no cars.
If you’re not sure about riding on roads or where the local bike paths are, contact a local Bicycle User Group (BUG).
Most BUGs run free recreational rides in local areas for varying levels of ability and will warmly welcome new members especially those new to cycling. They’re not hard core fitness nuts, they’re just ordinary people who enjoy a bike ride and want to share the experience.
Bike South West BUG president Warren Artlett says: “Trips in peak hours can now be almost as quick by bike, with no fuel costs except for a good breakfast. Most people now do more smaller shopping trips than in the past so it’s much more attractive to ride for your groceries.
“Wearing a backpack is fine for light loads but for extra convenience, visit your local bike shop and get a pannier rack and a set of panniers for your bike. A water bottle holder and a good water bottle will be an essential addition to your bike too.”
Bike South West BUG runs regular rides in the Canterbury Bankstown area.
For further info, go to for the latest rides or call Mr Artlett on 9771 4606.