New push to fight dumping

A NEW multi-pronged push to the fight illegal dumping has been launched.

Adding its expertise in reuse and repair, The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre is partnering with the NSW Environment Protection Authority to launch the campaign, ‘Don’t Dump: Think Reuse’.
The aim of the campaign is to reach out to potential illegal dumpers and prevent them from dumping in the first place, by pointing to the Bower’s newly created online reuse database which anyone can access, for free, to find a new home for their unwanted items.
More than 1,000 organisations are listed on the database and residents can use a search function to find a local reuse organisation that matches their unwanted item. The database is suitable for items that are of good enough quality for re-use.
The Bower has also produced a new online video to promote responsible behaviour and help residents understand that putting items on the kerb – even if it is with the best of intentions of finding that item a new home – is illegal dumping.
Throughout June, the Bower will work with four councils, including the Inner West, to trial new ways to communicate directly with the community, especially those who might be potential dumpers.
It will trial a number of direct messaging techniques in illegal dumping hotspots, including communicating with local Facebook groups, distributing flyers in apartment blocks and publishing newspaper ads.
“Not everyone is dumping on purpose, some people are simply doing the wrong thing but with good intentions,” Bower Manager Guido Verbist said.
“We want to help those people know how to do the right thing with their unwanted goods.”