New panel gives a voice to youth

LUGARNO’S Adriane Whiley is helping ensure that young people have a voice and are heard in planning Greater Sydney’s future.

She is one of 10 young people aged between 17 and 28, appointed to the Greater Sydney Youth Panel, based on their experience in youth engagement and strategic planning, representation from groups that do not currently have a voice within the Greater Sydney Commission and a diverse range of ages, gender, cultural backgrounds and abilities.
Adriane, 28, is a Planning Officer at NSW Ports and has experience in strategic planning having worked for both government and private businesses.
“This is an exciting opportunity and I’m thrilled to be representing young people and giving them a voice,” she said.
“It is vital to increase youth engagement around the issues of safety and employment opportunities in the region.
“If we want to achieve a ‘30-minute city’ where we can live, work and play, then it is essential we retain our employment lands; they shouldn’t be sold off for residential.”
Chief Commissioner Lucy Turnbull AO, said: “I am excited to have this talented and enthusiastic group providing their insights, and the views of their peers, to the Commission. After all, we are planning the future of a Greater Sydney that will be their city.
“In our early discussions, they have made it clear that the biggest issue for young people across Greater Sydney is jobs. For that reason, one of the initial programs they will work on is the barriers to employment for young people.”