Never before told story to amaze all


HE worked on cases involving ‘Mr Asia’ and murdered anti-drug campaigner Donald Mackay, hunted Nazi war criminals and helped bring to justice Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, the first leader to be indicted for genocide.
In a fascinating, never before told story – ‘Justice and War Crimes’ – retired NSW Magistrate and Georges Hall resident Graham Blewitt has written about his career including 10 years at The Hague as the Deputy Prosecutor of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).
It was the first international criminal court since the Nuremburg war crimes tribunal was established at the end of World War Two.
At a time when Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, has again brought the prosecution of modern war crimes to the fore, the book is a timely reminder of the complexities involved in bringing criminals to justice.
It pulls no punches criticising NATO for its lack of enthusiasm in arresting indicted war criminals and follows the murky path created by those who did not want fugitives apprehended.
Growing up in Panania and educated at the former De La Salle College Kingsgrove, father of three and grandfather of four, Blewitt started out as a court officer and studied law at night after leaving school in 1964.
But his career really took off when he was seconded to the Office of the NSW Solicitor General in 1979.
He worked on the Joint Taskforce on Drug Trafficking, was put in charge of the Prosecution of Police Unit and worked for the National Crime Authority among other roles before venturing into international criminal law.
Blewitt said he never planned such a career but felt incredibly lucky to have experienced such a fantastic one although there were ‘hairy’ moments like dodging being shot at by Serbian militants.
“I’m certainly proud of my contribution not only internationally but when I returned to take up duties as a Children’s Court magistrate before retiring four years ago,” he said.
“I’d have teenagers coming up to me on the street and thanking me for helping turn around their life; that’s also been very rewarding.”
To order a copy of ‘Justice & War Crimes’, with his second book ‘Nazi Investigations in Australia’ coming out soon, visit