NCIS union warms up youth

A NEW partnership between the Earlwood Wanderers FC and NCIS (National Collection and Investigation Services) will be a snug fit.

The partnership will mean the Wanderers U12/2 boys and U16/2 girls teams have been presented with new designer tracksuits to keep them warm during the winter training and weekend match days.
A spokesperson for the girls team said they were very excited with the new outfit and couldn’t wait to try them on.
He said thanks to community-minded companies – like mercantile agency and security company NCIS, who are based in Campsie – young footballers are big winners.
“NCIS is a family orientated company, and are keen to extend their relationships with the local community they are part of, both our kids play sport locally, and we wanted them to feel really special and professional on match days, just like the players in the big leagues,” said a spokesperson from NCIS.
The historic club has also be home to former Socceroo captain Peter Raskopoulos and Matilda’s Princess Ibini.