Mum, daughter have fun being scouts together

FOR Adele Lockman and her daughter Kaysanne, 8, Merrylands Scouts is a connection that brings them closer together.
The pair shared their story as part of Scouts NSW’s celebrations of 50 years of female youth members and following International Women’s Day on Friday.

Adele joined Scouts as a 13-year-old, thanks to her brother.
“My brother joined because a friend had a Bring a Friend night at Scouts and invited him,” she said.
“I used to go with my dad to pick him up and was interested in the activities. The leader came out one night and said ‘you know she can join in too?’ So, the next week I was there, and I’ve stayed ever since.”
With her father Micheal a previous Joey Scout Leader and Adele a Venturer Scout Leader and State Commissioner – Arts and Literature, Kaysanne was visiting Scout meetings and events from a young age, before joining as a Joey Scout at five.
“I love having Mum do Scouts with me,” she said.
“She is always there helping my leaders and doing activities with me. I also get to do lots of activities with the Venturer Scouts with Mum. She is very enthusiastic and makes it fun.”
Welcoming Kaysanne into Scouting has made Adele appreciate the program from a new perspective. While her attention has been focused on the older age groups as a Venturer Scout Leader, since Kaysanne joined Adele has attended almost all her Joey Scout and now Cub Scout events.
“I am seeing how she is growing and developing into a caring and adventurous girl through it all,” she said.
“Scouting provides the opportunity to develop our relationship as mother and daughter as we interact away from screens and explore the world around us together.”
For further info or get your child involved, call 1st/2nd Merrylands Scout Group Jeanie Wood on 9636 2731.