Mum, daughter duo in race of their lives

FIERCE mother and daughter duo, Rowah, 42, and Amani, 19, from Punchbowl, are in the race of their lives after having signed up for The Amazing Race which premiered on Channel 10 on Monday night.

With the advantage of a life-long relationship, these two are certainly ready to box-jump past the competition.
Rowah owns three gyms and works tirelessly to give back to those less fortunate. Amani is studying a Bachelor of Fashion and is passionate about creating modest clothing for Muslim women.
Rowah and Amani see the race as their chance to empower women and break stereotypes.
They believe they have the mental and physical fitness needed to succeed.
With the first episode starting in Seoul, South Korea, the duo says their experience in the series has given them the travel bug and opened their eyes to their potential.
Amani said nothing prepared them, however, for the physical and mental challenges and after being together 24/7, are now even closer.
“We had to push ourselves and a lot of the time, we were carrying 10kg bags; it wasn’t easy but we’re certainly happy with how we both went,” she said.

“I do want to see more of the world now, take up any opportunities and not over-think anything; just do it.
“If you had asked me when we were filming if I’d do it again, I would have said ‘hell no’ but looking back, it was such a wonderful experience that I got to share with mum and yes, I would do it all again.”
Rowah said viewers would be in for a treat as Australia’s range of diversity is on show.
“It has been amazing and Channel 10 has done an extraordinary job; I hope viewers are keen to check the mum and daughter duo.
“I am so proud of Amani.”
Amani added: “I’ve always looked up to mum; she is the perfect motivator.”