Muddy hell! Youth getting down and dirty

☐ The Auburn PCYC’s Fit 4 Life crew got down and dirty when they ran the five kilometre muddy obstacle race, the Raw Challenge, last month.

BRAVING early morning starts to improve their health and well-being, the participants of the Fit For Life program at PCYC Auburn, have wrapped up another successful term.

Youth case worker senior constable Gabriella Di Marino said some of the Under 18s in the program, also put themselves to the test in a ‘bonus activity’ at the PCYC Raw Challenge event at Doyalson last month.
The Challenge is a five kilometre muddy obstacle course that relies on an individual’s physical ability, as well as encouraging lots of team work, and Snr Const Di Marino said the event was messy but a lot of fun.
She said participants achieved better fitness testing results overall this year and engaged with others in the group who they normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet.
“We have seen several participants mature in the program already,” she said.

“The participants have engaged with the police really well, and we have seen that many of them have a lot of untapped talent.
“We are working with them to explore their potential.”
Term two of Fit for Life begins on Wednesday, May 8, from 6.45am.
Registrations for the free program are open now for young people aged under 18; contact the PCYC Auburn on 9475 3100.