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Albo takes aim

☐ Anthony Albanese was at Henson Park Oval in Marrickville to speak about his aspirations to become Labor leader.

Bid for top Labor post

LABOR heavyweight and re-elected Federal MP for Grayndler, Anthony Albanese has put his hand up for the party’s top job.
With Bill Shorten stepping down as leader after the party’s dismal performance at the Federal Election, Mr Albanese was first to nominate for the job but has since been joined by Chris Bowen.
“I think I’m up for a big job and there’s no job that’s bigger than being Leader of the Opposition,” he said.
ANTHONY Albanese and Linda Burney have strengthened the hold on their seats, while Tony Burke will also be returned despite suffering a swing against him at Saturday’s Federal Election.
Mr Albanese (Grayndler) had a swing of more than five per cent in his favour, as did Ms Burney (Barton) who received a swing of almost three per cent, while Mr Burke (Watson) suffered a three percent swing against him.
Humbled by his win but disappointed with his party’s loss, Mr Albanese says he now wants the privilege of leading the Labor party, which will examine how it lost the election.

“What we shouldn’t do though is pretend that we didn’t lose. We lost,”

Mr Albanese

“What we shouldn’t do though is pretend that we didn’t lose. We lost,” he said.
“We got the votes of one in three of every Australians on Saturday We need to do much better. We need to increase that substantially, if we’re going to be successful.”
Having lost the vote in 2013 to become leader, Mr Albanese says he’s the right person for the job.
“People know what my values are,” he said.
“I’m prepared to articulate them in a clear fashion and I like people, I like engaging people, whether it’s at this great footy ground here at Henson Park, whether it be in boardrooms or whether it be in workplaces or whether it be outside the local school, the local pub.”
Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Coalition will form Government with a slight majority.
Fellow Labor MP, Mr Burke says he will continue to stand in the way of the “cuts and the chaos that we know a Morrison Government will try to deliver”.
“I’ve stood side by side with the community for years, and I’m really honoured that the community has asked me to keep doing that into the future.
“I wish It could have easily been a Labor Government because that will be the only pathway for policy outcomes that will deliver truly for our community.
“I also want to acknowledge every other candidate who ran in Watson, people were respectful and decent to each other and that speaks well for how democracy is conducted in our local area.”