Mother at forum over son’s death

THE mother who tragically lost her 18-year-old son, Christopher, in the scaffolding collapse incident in Macquarie Park on April 1, Patrizia Cassanti addressed more than 400 construction workers and industry figures at Bankstown in an effort to prevent workplace incidences.

The ‘Work Health & Safety’ (WHS) seminar was hosted by one of Australia’s most active property developers, Toplace Group, which has around 3,000 apartments under construction.

Together with industry partners, Mates in Construction, Foundation House, The Jonah Group, SafeWork and Sparke Helmore lawyers, the full day conference also included guest speaker Toplace Managing Director Jean Nassif, with the conference indicating a need for further similar conferences and more education in safety.
Mrs Cassaniti thanked Toplace saying: “I appreciate what Toplace is doing, bringing awareness of safety to all workers, it is very important.”
Actual footage of her son’s scaffolding tragedy was shown to the audience in the lead up to her address. Shaken but composed, Mrs Cassaniti took the stage confirming: “That was no enactment, that was very real. So please excuse the swearing, that was in the video, but it’s ‘uncut reality’.
“I’m here today and on a ‘mother of a mission’ to make sure no other worker in Australia goes to work to never come back.”
Mr Nassif said safety of workers in the construction industry and on construction sites must always remain the top priority.
“Toplace is leading the charge for the construction industry on WHS through better communication and education,” he said.
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