Most powerful tool in medicine

RESIDENTS are encouraged take advantage of the new and completely free immunisation clinic at Berala Community Centre.

Mayor Greg Cummings said Cumberland Council had been providing free immunisation clinics to the community for more than 60 years and it had always been a great service for parents and now “we’re happy to be offering a direct service to the Berala community”.

“This is one of the few free immunisation clinics in western Sydney and it is available for our whole community not just those who live in Cumberland,” he said.
“Immunisation is the safest and most effective way of giving protection against diseases such as whooping cough and measles.”

Children aged six weeks to nine years are eligible for free vaccinations at the clinics which are run by friendly and experienced immunisation nurses who have completed immunisation training and are accredited annually. Vaccination records are updated and registered with the Australian Immunisation Register.
Mayor Cummings says vaccines play a vital role in a healthy community and are one of the most powerful tools that modern medicine has given us.

“It’s important for all children to have their vaccines on time to protect them and our community,” he said.

Clinics operate during the day and evening, to provide flexibility for families.
Flu shots are also available for all children from six months of age until five years at the clinics.
Clinics are at: Berala Community Centre, 9.30-11am; and Merrylands Council Service Centre, 9.30-11.15am and 5.30-7pm.
For more information, call 8757 9642 or visit