More women urged to take up trade

MASTER Builders Association of NSW, in partnership with the NSW Government, has launched a digital one-stop shop to attract, support and promote women in the building, construction and trades industry.

Praised by project administrator for Axis Plumbing in Padstow Mia Spyropoulos, the new website – – marks a milestone in the industry’s efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity within the industry, with a range of resources and support for women and young girls, parents, employers and consumers.
Completing a mentoring program with the group, Mia said she appreciated the different perspective she was taught and felt lucky to be working in an industry that she loved.
“It’s taken me three years to work my way into this role and I certainly recommend the industry to young females looking for a career,” she said.
“Females make up only 15 per cent of the industry and female tradies only account for 3 per cent but there should really be more; it pays very well and there is nothing to be scared of working in a male-dominated as the majority are very supportive.
“You can get an apprenticeship or role on the tools as well as investigating behind-the-scenes opportunities as I have and definitely check out the new website which helps dispel the myths behind being a female tradie.”
The launch of the Women Building NSW website comes in the midst of chronic workforce shortages facing our sector, and at the same time, NSW struggles with a housing crisis.
Master Builders Association Executive Director Brian Seidler said: “Women are the key to ensuring we can unlock the door to many more homes and deliver the vital infrastructure and commercial hubs and communities are crying out for.”