Moment of triumph after topping two subjects

WITH a first in two subjects and ranked 15th overall in the State, Al-Faisal College Auburn has enjoyed huge success in the 2023 HSC.

The school success rate placed them first in Mathematics Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2, and fourth in Mathematics Standard 2.
Out of the State, two students came first in a subject – Arabic Continuers and Biology.
Executive Principal Safia Khan Hassanein said her students’ results were a testament to their hard work, dedication and perseverance throughout their academic journey.
“We are very proud of their achievement,” she said.
“We also send heartfelt congratulations to our parents, teachers and staff who have supported our students every step of the way, their unwavering support and dedication have been crucial in guiding our students towards this moment of triumph.
“This success is a shared victory, and it highlights the strength of our community in nurturing and fostering excellence.”