Miracle Moon Walk for little things

TAKING a newborn home from the hospital can bring up all kinds of concerns for new parents – keeping them safe, happy and healthy.

However, for parents of premature and sick babies, the usual anxieties of new parenthood can be even more worrisome.
Picnic Point couple Richard and Irene Geagea faced a 10-year struggle to conceive, finally succeeding only to encounter a significant hurdle at the 30-week mark when an ultrasound revealed a brain anomaly in the baby.
The couple was confronted with various potential outcomes, some unimaginable, causing immense stress.
The situation reached a critical point at 34 weeks when Irene’s waters broke and the obstetrician decided to deliver the baby at 35 weeks.
Fortunately, the couple was blessed with a healthy baby girl and were able to take her home at 37 weeks.
“Baby Zahra is now thriving and reaching all of her milestones,” Richard said.
“My family was one of the lucky ones but others are not so fortunate so we are keen to do all we can to help.”
For this reason, he has gathered friends to take part in the Miracle Moon Walk, aiming to raise vital funds for premature and sick newborns and the work of Miracle Babies Foundation.
“The funds will go to buy more equipment for premmie units and support, including grief packages for parents,” he said.
Featuring the first ‘Secret Sydney’ version, this year’s Miracle Moon Walk on April 13, will see walkers explore secret locations across the city from the story of ‘Trim the Cat’ and the ‘Forgotten Songs Birdcages’ to Observatory Hill and the most stunning views of the harbour under the stars.
To find out more or register: (search for The zouzou train to donate).