Mini musical festival on for Saturday shoppers

‘LITTLE and Live’ will bring music to alleys and street corners this weekend – livening up the day for Saturday shoppers in Bankstown with gypsy jazz, brass bands, blues and more.

Residents are invited to the mini musical festival, which will have six key locations around Bankstown station, re-named to a musical theme for the day.
More than 60 musicians will perform including Sarah Bedak, lead singer of the band Lolo Lovina who have toured Cuba, the US and Europe, all out of Sarah’s caravan living room.
“We’ll be performing gypsy jazz music which fuses jazz swing and Romani music from Europe – it’s upbeat music people can dance to, it’s engaging, intoxicating music,” she said.
“We go to a lot of festivals and community events, and we literally open up our caravan into a stage and perform, inviting people to look into our lounge room and our lives.
“Performing to the public is such a fun thing to do, we love surprising them and making people dance is always great.”
The World Choir will also “bring Bankstown alive” with 12 voices of all ages and from all cultural backgrounds.
Linda Marr said the choir is “a great friendly group where everyone’s welcome”.
“We’re singing songs in different languages because we’re a world music choir so it’ll be a couple of favourites from South Africa, Mauritius and a couple in English,” she said
“The choir really enjoys singing together and people come back because of the joy of singing, we are excited about bringing the centre of Bankstown alive with our songs.”
Mayor Khal Asfour says he hoped ‘Little and Live’ brings a bit of joy to the community.
“We have fantastic performers coming to liven up your day, so pick Saturday, March 21 to have lunch in Bankstown and stick around for the live music,” he said.
“There’s something for everyone, Blues for the grandparents, show tunes for mum and dad and for the romantics, a six foot accordionist on a unicycle will serenade you for free.
“Bankstown is bustling with colour and culture, why not set it to great music?”
The mini music festival will be held from 11am-2pm.