Midwife surprised 21 years after birth

Auburn Hospital midwife Nadia Long catches up with Selin, who was born on Mother’s Day 21 years ago, and her mum Nuray.

BORN on Mother’s Day at Auburn Hospital 21 years ago, Selin and her mother Nuray were featured alongside midwife Nadia Long in a story in this newspaper back on May 25, 1998.

Nuray says her daughter was the first baby born on Mother’s Day in 1998 which is why they were photographed for the paper at the time.
She added that it was Selin’s idea to try to surprise her with a “reunion” of sorts at the hospital and to invite the Review along for another photo.
“She’s always says to me that she is my present each Mother’s Day, and I tell her she doesn’t need to buy me anything because she is my gift,” Nuray said with a laugh.