Middle school win for all

THE transition from primary to high school is not always an easy one.

Moving from one classroom with one teacher, into a larger environment with multiple teachers in many learning spaces, can be a culture shock to some students.
At Strathfield South High School, the transition from primary to secondary education is smoother through the creation of a Middle School.
In this environment, students have a home room and half the number of teachers they would have in other schools. Classes have no more than 20 students to ensure personalised learning, and staff receive special training so that lessons and content support the philosophy of Middle Schooling.
Year 7 and 8 students are placed in classes where their literacy and numeracy skills are constantly developed, ensuring that they have the skills needed for successful futures.
In internal testing, 75 per cent of Middle School students show greater than expected literacy and numeracy growth over a 12-month period.
The Middle School also supports students’ wellbeing through mentoring and individual learning plans where each student’s strengths can be nurtured.
This innovative structure also allows for the creation of a competitive top-stream enrichment class where more able students engage with high-level learning opportunities both inside the school and in the broader community.
“The Middle School places students at the very centre of the learning experience, providing them with challenging opportunities in a nurturing and supportive environment,” Deputy Principal Steven Holz said.
“By changing our structures to suit the needs of our students, we hope to help everyone reach their potential.
“We invite you to share an exciting, student-focused journey with us.”