Metro one of cheapest sites for ‘Unleaded 91’ in Sydney

Open again after the start of a major refurbishment, Deirdre Spiteri from Independent Metro Milperra Service Station, says they always try to keep fuel prices low.

DATA released by the FuelCheck app, shows that the Independent Metro Milperra Service Station is one of the cheapest sites around Sydney to find U91, but owner Deirdre Spiteri says she tries not to get involved in price wars.

However she added with a laugh that they have had customers from as far away as Cronulla, come in to fill up.
“We pretty much just try to stay as affordable as possible,” she said.
Branded Metro but independently owned and operated, she and her husband Frank have run the family business which includes a mechanical workshop for 25 years.
“At the end of the day, I run my own game here and it’s important to me to look after our customers,” she said.
“I’ve been part of this community for a long time and hopefully by doing that we keep our regulars.
“Some people chase the cheap fuel each week using the apps, but our customers know we will do our best for them every week.”
According to FuelCheck, drivers can also find cheap E10 at the Metro Bankstown, while the Coles Express at Kingsgrove was listed among the most expensive.
Data gathered from FuelCheck, shows that independent service stations consistently sell cheaper fuel, there can be more than a 20 cent price difference in fuel between service stations in the same suburb and the cheapest day to fill up is Saturday.
Minister for Customer Service, Victor Dominello, urged residents to check out the app to save money at the bowser, particularly over the holidays.
“Whether you are visiting friends and family, or planning a trip out of town, FuelCheck can help you find the cheapest fuel anywhere in NSW in real-time,” Mr Dominello said.