Message from the mayor

Dear resident,

I am very proud that Canterbury-Bankstown is an active supporter of Refugee Week and celebrates its theme this year, Unity–The Way Forward, by hosting film screening events across the City.
In an increasingly turbulent world, the need to stand united is greater than ever. Indeed, in the face of the pandemic, climate change, and global conflict, unity is strength.
Refugee Week gives us the opportunity to start afresh… rebuild our lives together in the spirit of unity. It reminds us all about the importance of harmony and togetherness.
I am gratified that Canterbury- Bankstown has been a Refugee Welcome Zone for more than 10 years and we have welcomed great numbers of refugees from all over the world. It is my firm belief that what makes us a great community is not just our similarities, but also our diversity, and the way we embrace those who come to us from all walks of life.
I have been fortunate enough to have met many refugees, all of whom chose to call Australia home, and we can all stand to learn a lot from the
stories they have to share. They bring with them not just their skills and professions, but new ideas and an eagerness to contribute and give back to the communities who have welcomed them.
In recent decades, there have been some that seek to exploit refugees, but most people who seek refuge in Australia resettle into communities and go on to lead not just successful and happy lives but a life of contribution. Notable refugees who have succeeded in diverse areas include Anh Do (Comedian/Author), Les Murray (Sport-football), Frank Lowy (Property owner), Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (Radio DJ/Scientist) and Judy Cassab (Artist) to name just a few!
So let us celebrate Unity – The Way Forward and work together to create an environment that fosters harmony, and promotes social inclusion, ensuring all residents are richer for living in this great City.
Mayor, Cr Khal Asfour.