Men’s wellness group invite offer

IT may be ‘Secret Men’s Business’ but what we can divulge is that you’ll have fun, enjoy lots of activities and make new friends.

Hosted by Bankstown Canterbury Community Transport’s (BCCT) in partnership with Canterbury Bankstown Council, the men’s wellness group meets on the second Tuesday of every month at Padstow Senior Citizen Centre and you can be a part – as member or volunteer.
One of its members, Eddie Warner says there are many great people in the group and “we are all different”.
He is navigating the challenges of dementia but benefits immensely from the stimulating environment provided by the group which encourages him to remain engaged and active in pursuing his passion for the arts.
At a recent meeting he showcased his talent by capturing the essence of the staff and other group members through his sketches.
His wife, Enid, praised the group for offering Eddie a platform to reconnect with his true self and continue his artistic endeavours.
BCCT’s Community Engagement Officer Hayley Orr said they were “beyond thrilled” with the group’s success, as it continued to enrich the lives of men within the community.
But, she said BCCT offered so much more, with a wide variety of group activities and social outings.
For more information on BCCT’s programs and volunteering opportunities, call 9772 4928.