Martial arts boosting confidence

CUMBERLAND Council gave parents with five to 12 year olds, the chance to get their kids active for this winter break with help from successful martial arts school, Red Dragon Taekwondo (RDT).

Offering free lessons as part of the last school holiday program, the team has specially designed the program to get children out of their comfort zone while helping to foster their own drive and self-confidence.
Without them even knowing it, students become active and engaged in their classes, thanks to sessions involving a blend of fun and interactive games as well as traditional training techniques.
An ideal way to initially expose your child to sports safely, the program may also serve as a stepping stone for shy or withdrawn kids, whose parents are hesitant about getting them into physical team sports right away.

Red Dragon’s Master John believes the initiative’s success comes from what sets them apart from other martial arts schools
“What makes us different from all the other clubs is the element of fun, we create an atmosphere which is inclusive, while making sure everyone has a voice,” he said.
“At the same time we want them them to push themselves which we do by giving them goals or targets and motivate them to really try hard and I know we’re fairly successful with that,” he said.
You too can book a free trial for your child at or call Master John for a chat on 0419 165 416.