March against melanoma invite

DO you have a mole that’s growing larger or changing colour? Or do you have swollen lymph nodes, a hard lump, unexplained pain or feel tired or unwell?

The 10th most common cause of cancer death in Australia, melanoma can afflict people of all ages with 1,455 deaths from melanoma of the skin in Australia (958 males and 497 females) in 2021.
Bankstown’s Janette Miller noticed she had a mole on her right shin which was changing colour.
She saw her GP who had it removed and tested but unfortunately, it came back as a stage 1V (advanced) melanoma.
She then saw a specialist at Melanoma Institute Australia, who did a wider excision on the melanoma and removed lymph nodes before everything came back clear, meaning she did not have to have further treatment.
“It was really touch and go at the time and I thought I was a gonner but God had other plans,” she said.
“I have to have check ups and so far, I’ve had 19 moles removed including two further minor melanomas.
“I’m fair so mum insisted we have beach umbrellas, hats and zinc cream on our noses when in the sun but we never thought about putting sunscreen on our arms and legs.
“It’s very important for parents to set an example, always wear a hat and lotion up because as they say ‘monkey see, monkey do’; our four grandsons know it’s always a case of ’no hat, no play’ even in winter.”
Melanoma Institute is calling on all to join its 2024 Melanoma March campaign to support lifesaving research and raise awareness about the disease which now claims one Australian life every six hours.
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