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Magical mandarin helping to sweeten up sour clime

☐ Elton Inglis

WELL here we are again, our supposed colder winter months.

It’s been so amazing to enjoy our springtime-like weather at the start of our winter. I haven’t had to pull out my thick coats as yet but I have been able to enjoy my favourite winter treat, the beautiful mandarin.
I must say that every year I exclaim to my wife, ‘this is the best mandarin I’ve ever had, how good are they!”
But in reality, I just haven’t eaten them in nine months so of course they are going to taste great.
This time of year is the best time to indulge in all the different varieties of citrus fruits so whichever fruit is your favourite, head to your local green grocer and get into them.
Enjoy them while you can because before we know it, it will be spring again.