Magical land of pre-loved bargains to see

A HUGE refurbishment has seen Lidcombe Salvo come alive with a new layout and upgraded fixtures and lighting – all so that customers can get more out of their shopping experience in the magical land of pre-loved bargains.

Salvos Area Manager Steve Gillespie says secondhand certainly doesn’t mean second best.
“You’ll almost forget you’re in a secondhand store as most garments are either brand new or washed and pressed meticulously, with many designer brands on offer,” he said.
“If you’re heading to somewhere special or need some ‘new’ corporate attire or any other item of clothing, kitchenwares or furniture, be sure to start your thrifting journey at the Salvos.”
A community leader in recycling, the Salvos is where everything gets a second chance.
“We also recycle cardboard, paper, crockery, metal and e-waste, keeping so much out of landfill,” he said.
“And the money we make goes back into the local community, funding school, housing and food programs. If people need help with electricity bills or medication costs, we can steer them in the right direction.
“You don’t have to be poor to shop at the Salvos.”