Magic table brings puzzles to life to help improve brain

BRINGING joy and connection to people of all ages, a cutting-edge light projection system has been unveiled at Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre.

Helping to support children, the elderly, people suffering from dementia, people with a disability and their carers, the installation – the Tovertafel, or magic table – brings interactive games and puzzles to life on flat surfaces.
Mayor Bilal El-Hayek said by promoting social interaction, cognitive development and physical movement, the Tovertafel creates a sense of joy and wellbeing to all who use it.
“We are thrilled to give our community access to such remarkable technology,” the Mayor said.
“It exemplifies our dedication to inclusivity, offering new opportunities for individuals of all abilities to connect, learn and enjoy shared experiences.”
This transformative technology has been meticulously designed to stimulate physical, mental and social activity, catering specifically to individuals with cognitive challenges such as dementia, autism and learning difficulties.
Lakemba’s Stephen Manning, who cares for his elderly mother Betty, was able to experience firsthand the mental stimulation that the Tovertafel provided.
“My mum Betty had a lot of fun playing games on the magic table and it helped her to practise hand-eye coordination,” he said.
Mayor El-Hayek said the Tovertafel offered a unique and engaging experience that broke down barriers and encouraged interaction among library visitors.
“It represents a significant step towards ensuring that every person can fully participate in community life,” he said.
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