Look after property needs for 50 years

WITH Ronis Real Estate setting up office in the club’s new Flinders Centre, George Ronis said it was significant that his father had returned to the area of Bankstown where it all began, just ahead of his 50th milestone.

Also father to Peter and Joanne, Jim has seen many changes over the last five decades, with house prices then costing $1,000-$2,000 where as now, they’re $1m-$2m.
George said: “The old fibro home on a quarter-acre block has been replaced with a double brick duplex as more developers enter the market and re-build to meet buyers’ low maintenance needs of today.
“Unit blocks were all about three storeys high and now, they’re multi-level. People are so busy these days and with both partners working just to pay the bills, no one’s got the time to take care of those big, old-style homes.”
With the market bouncing back, George says that if you were thinking of listing your property for sale, now is the time to do so.
“There’s lots of buyers out there and a shortage of stock,” he said.
Migrating with his parents in 1954 when he was 12, with all the family fluent in Greek, Jim still returns to Greece about three months a year to catch up with family and friends but Bankstown will always be home.