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Locked girl in car and went to club

A WOMAN charged after a three-year-old child was allegedly left locked in a car at Bankstown in the early hours of Saturday morning, has been given bail.

Just after 1am, Bankstown Police attended a street adjacent to a registered club on Greenfield Parade, after being alerted by security to a child locked in a vehicle.

Police arrived and saw a distressed three-year-old girl locked in an unregistered Ford SUV.

A female carer was located in the club, and the child was removed from the vehicle, reportedly uninjured.

The 32-year-old was charged with leaving a child in a motor vehicle causing emotional distress and using an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle.

An outstanding 2015 warrant for a domestic related wounding offence was also executed.

The matter has been reported to Family & Community Services.

This incident has prompted police to encourage parents and carers to be aware of the risks associated with leaving children alone in the car:

• There is a risk of being abducted if they are left alone in a car, even if the car is locked.

• Anyone who sees a child left unattended in a vehicle, is urged to contact 000 and help make sure the child gets out as soon as possible.

Police are urging anyone with information about children locked in vehicles to immediately call Triple Zero (000).

Had drugs, cash wad in car

A MAN, 21, from Wiley Park, has been charged with possessing a prohibited drug and goods in personal custody suspected of being stolen.

About 9pm on Saturday, July 20, police had reason to search the man and the vehicle he was seated in on Narelle Crescent, Greenacre. They allegedly located green vegetable matter and a large amount of money.

No bail for woman knifing car 

A WOMAN was refused bail after she allegedly used a knife to damage vehicles on Monday, July 22.

Police alleged the woman drove through the streets of Bankstown about 6.50pm in an erratic manner, tailgating vehicles, beeping her horn continuously and on more than three occasions, she stopped the vehicle she was driving and armed herself with a knife and caused significant damage to other vehicles and fear to the occupants.

Police engaged in a pursuit with the female until the vehicle she was driving came to a stop and she was arrested.

She was charged with resisting an officer in execution of duty, destroying or damaging property, driving recklessly/furiously or speed/manner dangerous, police pursuit – not stop – drive dangerously and armed with intent to commit indictable offence.

Housebreaking tools on man

A 43-year-old man from Bankstown has been charged with possessing housebreaking implements.

At 3.50pm on Tuesday, July 23, the man was searched by police on Brandon Avenue, Bankstown, allegedly locating a bag with a number of items.