Local Trades Plus

THE location to find a tradesperson

Localtradesplus is our directory of local trades people and businesses. Advertising on LocalTradesPlus can give you wide exposure to our digital audience. We utilise Facebook to drive traffic to our site and publish a wide variety of local news, sport, real estate and lifestyle content.

How does it work

You can have listings which can provide everything from basic information and contact details through to fully blown web site. This means you can be contacted when someone needs you!

The most basic listings are free for newspaper advertisers*.

A standard listing contains basic information about your business and some contact details. It provides a simple, reliable way for people to find you in their time of need.

Stand out from the crowd.

A full listing contains additional information like a location map, areas you covers, hours of operation and links to your web site or social media. It can also contain a logo and image to help promote your services.

Go Premium and add some professional touches

Premium listings go even further. The listings are like a micro website for your business with Maps, Directions, Reviews, FAQs, Picture Galleries, YouTube video and extensive information about you and your business.

On top of that, if you don’t have a web site we will build you one, register a domain name (www.yourbusinessname.com.au**), redirect your email and host your site on our modern high speed servers.


Leaderboards are wide, shallow ads which can sit in, above or below stories. They can’t be used in sidebars or footers but can also sit above heading of individual posts. They can also be placed between blocks of stories.
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Billboards are wider and deeper than leaderboard ads and take a dominant place on the page- normally above the heading and content.  
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Skyscraper (or Tower)

Skyscrapers are narrow, deep ads designed to sit beside the page content.
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  • * Minimum 6 month commitment for free listings
  • ** subject to availability