Live music win in RSL upgrade

Though a Petersham RSL Club member for over 40 years, Francesco Musumeci, 85, has been associated for over 50 years, being a tailor for Reuben F Scarf who was called upon to suit up the club board at various times. The Concord resident goes out of his way several times a week to visit the club and describes the new development plans as exciting. “I just hope I’m around long enough to enjoy the results,” he told our photographer who snapped him viewing the site on Monday.

A DECISION to drop restrictive conditions that would have limited live music and trading hours for the newly built Petersham RSL, has been welcomed by Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne.

Inner West Councillors unanimously supported a submission proposed by Mayor Byrne insisting on live music being allowed to continue at the venue and that existing trading hours be maintained when the new club is built, as part of a long-awaited redevelopment.

“We are determined to stand up for longstanding venues like Petersham RSL against planning decisions that take away their right to host live music,” the Mayor said.

“The proposal to ban or limit live music in the new RSL premises because of adjoining residential development, was a case study in how live music has been killed off in this city.

“Petersham RSL has been one of the great entertainment venues in the Inner West for many years.”

Mayor Byrne said the redevelopment was first mooted as a way to secure the financial future of club, so it was very worrying that the potential remedy to its woes could have killed off an essential element of its entertainment offering, resulting in the Club’s demise.

Work on the new multi million dollar apartment development and Petersham RSL – The Siding – is expected to begin in two months.

The council recently established a ground-breaking Good Neighbour policy requiring all noise and amenity complaints about pubs, clubs and small bars to be mitigated not litigated.

Under the new policy, council officers will be required to convene a meeting with complainants and venue operators to discuss solutions rather than immediately launching compliance or legal action when complaints are received.

“This new rules send a clear message to the community that if you live next door to a longstanding venue, you should be prepared to be a good neighbour.”