Lions Christmas cake a lifesaver

DID you know that eating a Christmas cake can save a child’s life or help prevent blindness – that is if you eat a Lions Christmas cake?

Now part of Parramatta Lions along with other local members after Auburn-Lidcombe Lions folded, Ralph Heness said the fruity Lions Christmas cakes were baked to a specific recipe specifically for Lions Australia supporters.
“All proceeds from the sale of these cakes will be used by Lions for their Lions Save Sight project and other humanitarian projects, including Childhood Cancer Research and their Mobility Foundation,” he said.
“We need your help to continue our good work; all homes that intend to have a Christmas cake this year, make sure yours is a Lions Christmas cake.”
Mini cakes cost $2, 1kg cakes and puddings, $16, and the 1.5kg cake is $20.
You can order cakes at