Lifestyle king but key to this ‘management’

AUTHOR of seven best-selling books on preventative cardiology, Dr Ross Walker is a sought after national and international speaker with a passion for people and health.

After playing soccer and squash till age 52, Dr Walker was left with shoulder and knee pain.
After putting up with a very dodgy right knee for 12 years, he had a knee replacement five months ago and can now get up and down the stairs without pain but credits his use of Arborvitae Joint Health to improving the health of all of his joints.
“Studies have now shown a significant reduction in pain for most people using Arborvitae,” he said.
“I can back this up from personal experience. It’s a completely natural product so is harmless on the rest of the body’s functions and has no toxicity; all the other anti-inflammatory drugs have side effects and can create problems for the kidneys, liver and heart.”
Along with Arborvitae, Dr Walker also throws in Curcumin which is the principal curcuminoid of turmeric, a member of the ginger family, and Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce blood pressure and the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease.
“I was talking on 2GB about the benefits of Arborvitae and a caller heard me and started taking it,” he said.
“He called the show later and said that after taking it for a few days, he had no pain at all.”
Dr Walker said the point to remember was that all disease is genetic.
“The gene loads the gun and the environment pulls the trigger,” he said.
“Arborvitae can damp down our insulin resistance and the genetic effects on the body; a third of all Caucasians are born insulin resistant, half of all Asians and nearly 100 per cent of people with dark skin.
“But before you start on natural therapies it’s important that you: Have no addictions; get adequate sleep; have correct nutrition but less rather than more food; exercise three to five hours a week; and maintain happiness levels.
“Lifestyle is always king and if it is good, then you are 70 to 80 per cent of the way there to maintaining good health; the remaining 20 per cent is management and that’s where Arborvitae comes into it and can make a big difference.”