Lidstock on song for guitarist great

GUITARIST Frank Brancatisano will honour the great Jimmy Hendrix’s Woodstock with a performance of the ‘star spangled banner’ at Lidstock at the Lidcombe Bowling Club this Saturday, from 5pm to 12pm.

Terry Lockley, who started performing at the club’s Sunday sessions a year ago, will also debut a new song inspired by local ‘Shakey’ Steve Lee who when asked ‘How’re you going mate?’ replies with ‘All the better for seeing a kind and friendly face’.
Lockley says he’s turned that line into a song as a tip of the hat to “everyone really”.
“I can’t wait to sing it at this year’s Lidstock,” he said.
“Keep your ears open. You or someone you know, might just get a mention.”
Lidstock’s line up includes Parkhouse, Corridors, the Lidcombe Reprobates, Rock Chronicles and headline act Remnants of Tomorrow.
Entry is $10 at the door, and free for children.