Library service is back on roll

CALLING it a huge relief to be back on the road, Yagoona’s Mavis Young was one of the first on the Community Transport Bus headed to Bankstown Library and back again after the service resumed in January.

Describing it is a Godsend for seniors, the 85-year-old said she really missed the service when it shut down over Covid last year.
“It’s a wonderful service and more should be making use of it,” she said.
“They let you know the night before what time they will be there to pick you up and take you to the library to choose your books, enjoy some morning tea and then drop you home again.
“I really missed it last year and it’s so nice to get out of the house once a month and we’ve all gotten to know each other on the bus and the staff are really nice; I can’t recommend the service highly enough.”
Likewise, Dorothy Keskull said her husband Roy, 88, was an avid user of the bus to library service until Covid hit.
“But we survived well since the librarians would deliver a basket of books each month and take away the ones we had read,” she said.
“It’s a marvellous service and once we’ve had our Covid vaccinations, we’ll both be getting on the bus again.”
Technical Specialist Aged and Disability at Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre, Sandra Bice, said about 75 residents were signed up for the service which was on offer at eight of the nine library branches.
“There’s a big social factor involved and though they missed it last year, we did our best home delivering the books but now we are back and would love for more people to join.”
To register, call your local library.