Lessons from desert in new art showcase

THE City of Canterbury Bankstown will be brought closer to Broken Hill when a new art exhibition, which captures the desert town, arrives at the Bankstown Arts Centre in this Saturday.

Desert imprint, by artist Rick Ball, will feature from May 4 to June 13 and showcase large canvases, works on paper and sculptures of the desert town, which is more than 1,000 kilometres from Canterbury-Bankstown.
Originally from the North Shore, Mr Ball has lived in Broken Hill for the past 17 years.
Mr Ball said he hoped the exhibition would help bring together lessons from the desert of Broken Hill to metropolitan Canterbury-Bankstown.
To engage the local audience and bring perspectives back to Broken Hill, Mr Ball will have a blank book at the exhibition where residents can write down and share their interpretations of his work.
“I’ve never been comfortable in my surroundings and have always felt like a bit of an outsider,” the 65-year-old said.
“I think an outsider’s point of view is best and that is what I’m presenting.”
Mayor Khal Asfour encouraged residents to check out the exhibition before it was too late.
“This is a great example of how art can help bring people closer to different places,” he said.
“Broken Hill is a very different place to Canterbury-Bankstown, so I look forward to seeing how Mr Ball has captured the landscape and showcased his experiences of the desert town at this exhibition.”