Lego helping to build creativity

LEGO bricks will be put to use building the creativity of Year 9 and 10 students from Delany College.

Principal Paul Easton said a new elective subject, ‘My Ideas Experience’, will challenge students to design and develop their own projects using a variety of materials including Lego.
Accordingly they are hoping people might be able to spare some unused bricks sitting in boxes in garages and spare rooms.
He was quick to add with a laugh that any donated bricks would be both “greatly appreciated and appropriately sterilised”.
“We talk about creativity and imagination but we don’t usually give kids the space to do that,” he said.
“The ‘My Ideas Experience’ subject gives our students that space.
“It also helps build their persistence and endurance.
“When kids are using iPads and other technology, it’s a short disrupted cycle of thinking but when they create with their hands and other materials, it helps build their concentration.
“In some ways it’s an exercise in mindfulness.”
Mr Easton says Lego donations can be dropped off to the College’s administration office in Grimwood Street, Granville.