Leaving hospital sooner

How ‘CarePort’ solution can improve quality of life

HELPING the community become better equipped to take on challenges and secure opportunities, 3Bridges Community Centre in Penshurst is now the exclusive distributor of ‘CarePorts’, allowing people to transition from hospital to home much sooner.
Designed with optimal comfort in mind, CarePort is an accessible shower or shower and toilet unit that can be set up at home, offering privacy, safety and, ultimately, an improved quality of life.
For those dealing with medical or physical conditions, accessing a standard bathroom can cause a significant amount of distress or even mean that they are unable to stay in their own homes.
CarePort is designed to minimise this stress and ensure that people are able to live each day as normally as possible.
With consideration carefully paid to every detail, the flexible unit offers everything your client needs, including curtains for added privacy, a sturdy ‘non-slip’ base, hardwearing acrylic panels, grab rails for extra security and a wedge ramp for easier access.
It also offers accessibility for carers so that assistance can be provided without hassle or unnecessary embarrassment.
“Equally efficient for people who are renovating their homes, CarePort enables your clients to set up a temporary bathroom solution that can be installed in any room, and removed without leaving a trace,” a 3Bridges spokesperson said.
One client said: “The CarePort was a good solution for my wheelchair bound husband. Much more affordable compared to a full bathroom renovation, thank you 3Bridges!”
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