Leading way for a cleaner environment

STUDENT volunteers from Bass High have taken to the streets to help clean up the environment.

The Student Representative Council led initiative has seen cleaner streets around the school with student volunteers picking up rubbish and returning dumped shopping trolleys to the shopping centre twice a week before school.

Sporting hi-vis vests and equipped with their cleaning tools, the students, who have won praise from nearby residents, clear up to three bags of rubbish on each outing.
Student leadership coordinator, Laurie-Anne Hudson said there has been noticeably less rubbish in the area since the clean ups began during Term 3, making way for a cleaner and healthier local environment.
She said the initiative has been a positive step not only for the environment, but also for students’ social and physical health as all grades have been given the chance to work towards a shared goal, and now often start their mornings with a brisk walk around the block.