Laugh out loud classic

FEATURING laughter, love and latrines, classic comedy ‘Biloxi Blues’ is on offer from July 26 to August 17 and stars Earlwood actor Chris Lundie with wife Meredith Jacobs the director.

It’s 1943 and Eugene M Jerome is on a hot, smelly train to Biloxi, Mississippi, to undergo basic training before shipping out to join the war.
Wide-eyed and innocent, Eugene holds three wartime goals – to become a writer, stay alive and lose his virginity!
His enthusiastic pursuit of all three, mixed with an exhilaration for life, makes him a target for teasing and the not-so-friendly attention of the platoon’s crazy and often drunk Drill Sergeant.
But among the push-ups, latrine duty and the questionable food, there is Daisy – the charming, well-read, convent girl whom Eugene falls for at a dance.
This laugh-out-loud comedy even sneaks in some poignant and heartfelt moments as Eugene learns the power of the written word and the difference between making a stand and simply standing by.
Meredith says that beyond being ‘laugh-out-loud funny’, Biloxi Blues is also a piece of powerfully insightful story-telling.
“It’s about humans being human, the dynamics of relationships and how they work,” she said.
“It’s also spookily relevant in our age of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
“The lesson is still the same; just because something is ‘published’ doesn’t make it true.”
With author Neil Simon’s recent passing, there’s even more poignancy.
“Given it is semi-autobiographical, you can’t help but feel a greater sense of responsibility to do the play justice … to tell his story,” Meredith added.
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