Labels to identify new electric, hybrid vehicles

NSW has introduced a new initiative aimed at keeping emergency services and other first responders safe when attending a crash.

A Transport for NSW spokesperson said owners of all hydrogen, electric or hybrid vehicles manufactured or modified after January 1, 2019, will soon be sent a small identifying label for their front and rear number plates.
“Differences in fuel types can lead to serious safety risks for emergency services, especially if there is structural damage to the vehicle, so it is vital first responders can easily identify the fuel source of a vehicle they need to work around,” the spokesperson said.
“The labels are part of nationally agreed updates to the Australian Light Vehicle Standards.”
Fire and Rescue NSW Acting Superintendent Jeff Roche said firefighters had noticed an increase of hydrogen, electric and hybrid vehicles on our roads.
“Being able to quickly identify these types of vehicles will help make incidents safer,” Superintendent Roche said.
“The labels will allow our crews to take the appropriate actions to deal with the specific risks they present.
“We encourage all owners of hydrogen, electric or hybrid vehicles manufactured after 1 January 2019, to attach the labels once they receive them in the mail.”