Kindies’ story-time thrill at high school

BUILDING bonds with younger students and giving them a literacy boost at the same time, Trinity Catholic College Year 8 students have hosted Kindergarteners from Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School in Regents Park (pictured), for National Simultaneous Story-time.

Delving into the enchanting world of ‘Bowerbird Blues’ by Aura Parker, the young students made exciting predictions about what was to come in the story and eagerly searched for all the blue items collected by the clever Bowerbird, according to Trinity organising teacher Matthew Puumalainen.
“It was a delightful challenge and after I read the book to the main group, smaller groups were formed and a Year 8 student read the book again to their group of younger friends,” he said.
“After the story, the fun continued as the Kindergarten students and our Year 8s teamed up to colour in beautiful bookmarks, with their names on them, which I later laminated and dropped off to the school. This creative activity was a hit and we finished off the day enjoying a few more picture books, making it a perfect end to a fantastic day.”
Mr Puumalainen said it was wonderful to see the older and younger students enjoying literature together.
“Good readers make good writers which is the basis for success in study and life,” he said.
“If you don’t enjoy reading, it just means that you haven’t found the right book yet.”