Keen to share talent on piano

THRILLED to be back performing publicly again, Auburn resident and classical pianist Maryann Gou will be the one to watch in this year’s Sydney Eisteddfod which opens next month.

The newly minted lawyer has performed in Vienna and New York and is completing a Masters of Music through the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
She has already won more than 50 prizes at numerous Eisteddfod’s across Sydney and was a semi-finalist in the ABC Young Performers Award.
“I am definitely excited to be performing again,” she said.
“I will be playing multiple pieces across various styles of music ranging from Baroque to Romantic to contemporary Australian music.”
Her plan has always been to study music overseas, and now it is back on track.
“Due to familial circumstances after high school, I was unable to go overseas so chose to study Law in Sydney while still having piano lessons with my teacher,” she said.
“I think learning to balance my time between study and practice taught me a lot about myself in terms of discipline, which is a critical skill in life and of course, music.
“I’m someone who always loves a challenge, so I definitely thrived off the full schedule and really enjoyed pushing my limits.”
Lidcombe pianist David Kim is also one to watch.
The 12-year-old has been performing in eisteddfod’s since the age of seven and is on a full music scholarship at St Andrews Cathedral School in the city.
“I am really looking forward to showing everyone what I can do,” he said.
“It’s going to be fun.”
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